Join us for the compelling stories of some of history's most famous - and infamous - star-crossed pairs of lovers. Produced with period music and professional narrators, this series is a small jewel to share with someone you love (or would like to).

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Abelard & Heloise

The story of Abelard and Heloise includes a forbidden love, a brutal and bloody assault by enraged family members that became the talk of 12th Century Europe, tragedy and ultimate redemption. Find out why their story has inspired so much art, adulation and controversy over the centuries. Right click on the title to download Mp3.

Ulysses On The Ocean
Ulysses (also called Odysseus) has been absent from home for 10 years fighting in the Trojan War, then forced to wander by the gods for another 10 years. His wife, Penelope, must hold the kingdom for him, keep herself and their son alive amidst intrigue and outwit her tormentors in a tale that is as relevant now as it was almost 3,000 years ago.
With memorable and striking original music, this production also borrows liberally from the words of Homer in both the Iliad and the Odyssey to bring one of history's greatest affairs to life. Part 1 of 3. Right click on the title to download Mp3.

Penelope Waiting
Penelope struggles to maintain her throne, her independence and the life of her son as she is besieged by suitors during the absence of Ulysses, who has returned to Ithaca in disguise.
This program features the words of Tennyson and Homer in bringing the story of the return of Ulysses to life. Part 2 of 3. Right click on the title to download Mp3.

The Return Of The King
Ulysses returns home and confronts his betrayers in the final installment of our trilogy. Penelope remains wary of this bloody stranger until a secret about their marriage bed reveals his true identity.Part 3 of 3.
This program features the words of Homer. Right click on the title to download Mp3.

Thy Lips To Kiss
William Shakespeare's love poetry known as his sonnets were dedicated to either The Dark Lady or The Fair Boy, neither of whose identities their ardent admirer ever revealed. His beautiful 128th sonnet is set to music here and sung as a love ballad called Thy Lips to Kiss. Right click on the title to download Mp3.

Conqueror, Part 1
Napoleon Bonaparte's amours are almost as well known as his battles. One of his loves proved the exception by remaining devoted to him in a peculiarly sanguine fashion for the rest of her life. What was he thinking as she waved farewell from the shore as he sailed off to exile? This multipart series quotes from their letters and is accompanied by period music from Scarlatti. Movie buffs will recognize the title as a 1937 movie starring Charles Boyer and Greta Garbo which chronicled the passion of "N" and Marie, Countess Walewska. Right click on the title to download Mp3.

Conqueror, Part 2
A continuation of last month, Marie Walewska entertains the Emperor under extraordinary pressure from nationalist friends and family. What she hadn't counted on was finding the love of her life in the most unlikely of places. Our story speculates on how her blood and fidelity must have ruled Bonaparte's thoughts in his final days. Right click on the title to download Mp3.

Victoria and Albert
Victoria ascended to the throne of the British Empire at 18. Strong-willed and emotional behind her conservative facade, she shared a deep and passionate love with Albert, her Prince Consort. Together, their love set new standards even for the florid 19th century. Right click on the title to download Mp3.

Alexander and Hephaestion
Conqueror of the ancient world, lawgiver and still a cultural icon after 2,300 years, Alexander the Great was also half of one of antiquity's most celebrated love affairs. Driven mad by the untimely death of Hephaestion, Alexander barely survives him by eight months but left instructions for Hephaestion's image to occupy a place of honor on Alexander's sarcophagus. A story of true love in the tradition of Achilles and Patroclus. Right click on the title to download Mp3.

Pierre and Marie
More than just Nobel Prize-winning scientists with a passionate interest in serving humanity, Pierre and Marie Curie shared one of the most equitable love affairs in history. This is a truly inspiring story of what human beings can aspire to. Right click on the title to download Mp3.

The Song of Solomon
The beautiful love poetry of the Old Testament's Song of Songs is featured as a cycle of five songs. This was one of the most challenging stories we have ever undertaken, both lyrically and musically. Right click on the title to download Mp3.

The Washingtons: George and Martha
The very real human beings behind America's First Family are brought to life. Their love was a product of the times they lived in as both George and Martha gave their all for their country. You will never view the face on the dollar bill the same way again. Right click on the title to download Mp3.

Through the Storm: Ansel and Addie Easton
Love somehow survives amid the disaster of one of America's most storied shipwrecks. A very interesting postscript to their story sheds a little light on these two star-crossed lovers. Right click on the title to download Mp3.

The Myrtle Is Hidden: Esther and Ahasueras
A story of love and blood from the Book of Esther of the Old Testament. The love they shared saved an entire race while thousands perished for the pride of a king. A story for all the People of the Book. Right click on the title to download Mp3.

Bess and Harry Houdini
The fascinating couple behind the escapes and escapades. The Houdinis, in all their human flaws, were the most publicized couple in the early part of the 20th century. Meet them here. Right click on the title to download Mp3.

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