Going To The Country audio magazine is "high fiber content" information for urban folks who want to become rural folks. Practical and valuable features on searching for property, DIY home building, homestead management and more. Ready to make your own, personal "Field Of Dreams" a reality? Spend a little time with us - you'll be glad you did.

2/11/2005 Going To The Country - Show #1
This week's topic is where to begin looking for land for those planning their own version of The Great Escape.

2/18/2005 Going To The Country - Show #2
Strategies for focusing your search for rural property to the area that best suits your family's needs. Inside tips and tricks for finding rural property.
3/08/2005 Going To The Country - Show #3
This week's topic is how to evaluate rural property, including valuable advice on things to look for when considering rural land.
1/01/2006 Going To The Country - Show #4
Living in the country and being closer to nature means, well, that you'll be closer to nature. Perhaps a lot closer than you're accustomed to if you're a city dweller. Uncle Ed passes along some knowledge about weather and how that can aid you in narrowing down your property choices.
2/01/2006 Going To The Country - Show #5
Building a dream home in the country won't do you any good if your marriage doesn't survive the strain of relocation and construction. A longtime married man, your Uncle Ed offers a few suggestions on keeping the romance alive as you go about the process of homesteading.
3/01/2006 Going To The Country - Show #6
You are driving around in the country after dark when suddenly there is a blur of motion, a big impact and your air bags deploy. You've just hit a deer and it's a dangerous, frightening prospect. We look at where you are most likely to be surprised by deer and what to do to avoid it.
4/01/2006 Going To The Country - Show #7
You've found your piece of rural property and want to build your dream house. We take a look together at the most popular DIY-friendly building methods including straw bale, ICF, dry stack blocks, etc. An excellent overview for anyone still researching the best way to build their own home. The script for this show is viewable by clicking HERE
5/01/2006 Going To The Country - Show #8
Living in the country means being surrounded by God's creatures. If you've perhaps got a little too much of a good thing, this program will give you some tips for dealing with critters like scorpions, fire ants and coyotes that you'll find in rural locations.
6/01/2006 Going To The Country - Show #9
If you are designing and building a new home in the country, this program will give you an overview of some design features that will keep your house cool in the summer without having to run the air conditioner 24/7.
7/03/2006 Going To The Country - Show #10
Summer heat brings its own chores and checklists to your life in the country. This show brings an overview of what to expect and what you'll need to do for your plants, animals and land.
8/01/2006 Going To The Country - Show #11
You most likely have trees if you have rural property. This month's show focuses on the care and feeding of your chain saw, as well as what may be the world's crustiest legal disclaimer.
9/01/2006 Going To The Country - Show #12
Chainsaws, shotguns and other instruments of mayhem are a homesteader's tools. Learn how to stay away from the business end of them (and the emergency room) this month.
10/01/2006 Going To The Country - Show #13
Herd of horses? Chicken of fowl? We explore these and other wretched puns as we look at the homesteader's most likely choices of livestock, if not punchlines.
11/01/2006 Going To The Country - Show #14
With winter weather in the offing for most of us in the northern hemisphere, this month we warm up to alternative heating methods for your place in the country.
12/05/2006 Going To The Country - Show #15
This month we look at some alternative methods of squeezing a living from your homestead.
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